The art of sales is really the art of understanding your customer and what motivates them to buy. Some folks buy because of benefits, some buy because of value, but most buy because of an emotional response and the idea of a feeling they will have using or owning a particular item.

Each vehicle I’ve purchased was because of the experience I imagined having while driving the car. I purchased a BMW 6 convertible because of the joy I would feel riding with the top down, sun on my face, feeling free and confident. I purchased a Range Rover because of the fun I imagined having rolling through the desert, four-wheeling with some friends. I purchased a Bentley Continental because of the ultimate feeling of luxury and speed…the joy of a car that handles so smoothly and perfectly that is truly is the ultimate in driving experience. I also bought the Bentley on a whim because the sales guy made me a deal it felt like I couldn’t refuse…it was completely emotional.

Understanding what motivates a person is a necessary element in developing powerful, targeted lead campaigns. Sales and marketing involves a bit of psychology…putting yourself in the shoes of the customer to understand the ultimate experience they are looking to have. Once you do that, you can better target your keywords, ad campaigns and sales copy.

Often times, marketers will generate pay-per-click advertising and sales copy that only promotes a specific benefit of their product, like it contains X%’age of this or that. It’s not the most effective approach.

Think about it: Most commercials on TV show people having an experience. We watch it and think, “wow, I’d like to experience that”. When travel companies advertise locations, they aren’t bragging about how great the pool is or that it has the cleanest, whitest beach, rather they show you the experience of a couple of people lounging around with gigantic smiles on their faces.

The best marketing demonstrates the result of someone using that product: freedom from pain, energy to play with their kids, a greater sense of self-confidence, etc. etc.

With a home-based business, people are looking for three things: money, freedom and a successful experience. If you hit on these three targets, you’re going to get some great results.

This video will give you an awesome perspective on what truly motivates people.

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Shannon Lavenia

A former Biology teacher, Shannon started in home business in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of her field. Her and her husband, John Lavenia, grabbed the #1 spot in their company for 7 years, achieving million-dollar results. Shannon is recognized as an industry leader and trainer, specializing in helping new home business entrepreneurs expand their business and achieve their goals. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, daughter and dog Lucy.
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