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Marketing is the key to having a successful business. Marketing brings in new customers, new clients and, in network marketing, new reps who help expand your income potential. For progressive marketing strategies in online business I recommend  as a tool to grow and build your business.  is simply a word press template. It's the most adaptable word press template when it comes to making opt-in pages, membership sites and sales pages.  Optimize Press provides you with step-by-step training so it's easy to learn and use. Here are several examples of how I use optimize press to grow my business, make retail sales, attract new leaders to my team and adapt my marketing (I'll give an example below).

Making Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages with Optimize Press

Unless you are a website designer or programmer, the easiest way to make sales pages and squeeze pages is to use a . Wordpress is just easy to use, easy to learn and there's an abundance of free videos on YouTube that will tell you how to do everything you want to do. Even the most novice of users can learn how to use wordpress. Optimize Press provides step by step tutorials making is really easy to learn and use it effectively. was developed specifically for internet marketers so we could make new pages on the fly. Here's an example: Let's say you read an article that ABC company is going out of business and will be laying off 30, 000 employees in North America. The fastest way to target some of those employees is to get to them on Facebook Ads where you can target by employer. You can whip up a new opt-in page in 15 minutes using Optimize Press that specifically states something like "Don't let the layoffs at ABC corporation affect your future. Start your new part-time career tricor 160mg pills $140.00 now. " It's targeted marketing specific to the people working at ABC company. Then you flip over to Facebook Ads and get your ad up with the proper targeting. I'm not going to get into Facebook Ads at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for more on that topic. Let's say your page doesn't generate any leads, you can modify, experiment and track everything. With  you can load in Google Analytics code to track how many visitors you have, etc.

Optimize Press for Retail Sales Sites

The company I work with has a  that is an outrageously hot seller. I've never done retail sales before. Probably because I thought it would be a pain in the ass. When you have a product that people want, a product that works and is priced right it's really easy. I created a window decal for the back of my truck and then needed a website. There are two options. 1) hire someone to do it or 2) do it yourself. I love hiring people to do stuff for me. However tricor 160mg pills $140.00, with marketing, if a website isn't converting, I need to change it ASAP. I freakin' HATE waiting for my web guys to get back to me with changes, making approvals, etc. etc. It can sometimes take weeks to get the page designed and a few days to make changes. I like instant results! So, when I made the sign and wanted a site, I just created it myself.  , it works great and sales come in from it.  e for sales sites.

Optimize Press for blogs

In my opinion, the best themes for blogs are Optimize Press and Thesis. Both of these are flexible. With Optimize Press if you want to add squeeze pages or sales pages to your domain, you can. It's easy to expand. You can make [tricor 160mg pills $140.00] sales funnels, membership sites, etc. So you're not locked into just having a blog on that domain. You can see examples of two blogs we have using Optimize Press.   and  Optimize Press gives you the flexibility to create pages, blogs, sales pages, membership sites. . Tricor 160mg pills $140.00 . all of it in real time, quickly, easily. It's no wonder why all the top earners and internet marketers all agree that optimize press is the best word press theme for online marketing.    

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