Ha! That’s a great one.

I actually had a vendor send me an email today and in the e-mail he specifically, word-for-word said “Testing is for amateurs….you’re a PRO!”

What a bunch of BUNK (thanks Joe Neid for that term…I still use it and love it!)

I was explaining that I would need to test the value of their service (traffic provider) before I was willing to refer their service to my contacts, team and blog subscribers.

Here’s the facts: Not testing is amateur. Not testing and tracking results in wasted money thrown down the toilet on bad sites, bad traffic and bad resources.

When you test, you can determine if a site is working or isn’t, if the traffic is good or not, if the lead sources is valuable and if you should continue that advertising method.

Here’s what I do when I’m testing a new advertising campaign.

1) I either use an existing site I know the general conversion rate of OR I create a new site specifically for that campaign using Optimize Press (the most badass, on-the-fly web creation tool in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE (thanks James Dyson…I love you for this!)

2)I install Google Analytics and start a Content Experiment (used to be Google Optimizer but now it’s integrated in Google Analytics as Content Experiments…actually easier to install and set up. Super easy to set up and install using Optimize Press)

3) I set up a link in ClickMeter. This is super important so you can ensure that the traffic/clicks were delivered. Most good solo ad and traffic sources will over-deliver what was promised.

4) Then I buy the traffic, solo-ad, banner ad, etc.

5) I closely monitor the traffic to ensure I’m meeting my goals: opt-ins for list building, leads for team building. A great conversion rate is about 40% for opt-ins with just name and e-mail. I’m happy if I see anything above 25%. For leads, I usually end up right around 20% with phone number.

6) Repeat if good with the site that converts best, move on if not.

If I find a great traffic or lead source, I’ll sign up as an affiliate and refer it out to my contacts. But, i have to test it first.

I find it kind of funny that this guy wanted me to just push his service without seeing the results for myself first. Not the kind of gal I am…guess that’s why folks still value my opinion :)


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