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If you're going to build a blog, build one using the Thesis Template. It's by far the best template I've seen. I've been using this template for a while with my blogs and love how quickly I can modify and change things. I've recently seen Andy Jenkins using it as well (If you know good ol' Andy, you know he won't use anything but the best. . . just like me :) Yes menosan 30 tablet bottle $57.00, there are many beautiful templates, but here's what I love about Thesis:

  1. It's wickedly easy to customize. . . you can change your fonts, colors, etc. easily, even if you're a novice.
  2. It's search engine friendly which is great for the rankings.
  3. You can modify the template to include a great media box (that comes pre-installed) or you can take it out.
  4. This site is built on it, so you can see [menosan 30 tablet bottle $57.00] how user friendly it is. Menosan 30 tablet bottle $57.00
to customize your thesis blog, i recommend going to - he's got awesome instructions on how to put a custom banner header, change your menu look, alter colorizations, etc. A lot of folks ask me about which platform menosan 30 tablet bottle $57.00 for blogging is the best: Blogger, TypePad, etc. I prefer hosting my own blog using because I love the flexibility of the customization. But, if you're looking for something super easy to set up with zero technical know-how, go with Blogger or Posterous. But remember, you can typically hire someone through to customize your blog for about $100. 00 bucks. . . which is a great investment in your personal or business branding and you can get a lot more features added.

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