Before starting any major lead generation campaign you should always split test your websites to see which website, content, titles, etc. are going to convert the best for that lead generation campaign.

Personally, I use Optimize Press to create my websites. OP is incredibly convenient and I can make a website in about 5 minutes that includes Google Website Optimizer Code and Google Analytics.

I just started a new campaign and started with three website versions: 2

I also created this with OP: Considering I am not a web designer or coder, I’m pretty impressed with myself. Actually…I’m totally impressed with Optimize Press. What used to take me days of nagging my programmer and paying hundreds of dollars now takes me 5 – 20 minutes myself and is totally FREE (I just paid the $97.00 for OP)

I recommend OP for everyone. Most folks get a website built by a developer and then they market that site without ever split testing it or changing any of the variables. With OP, it’s super easy for anyone (even a grandma could do it!) to make a beautiful website and do A/B split testing or even multi-variant testing. Plus, we know that not every website will work with every type of marketing, so when you are building campaigns for a specific type of advertising, like I just did, you can do it super fast.

This website campaign was for a list mailing of 200,000 that I purchased. The list is top notch from a fantastic site that converts well, so obviously I want to maximize my opt-ins for the campaign.

Take a look at the initial results that occurred in the first two hours of the mailing.

The first variation of the site outperformed my two other variables by almost 4 to 1. Once I was able to see an obvious winner (and usually it is NOT my first variation), I cancelled the experiment and went with the winning site.

Overall, my opt-in rate for that site has been about 27%…not bad for a first attempt with this list. I also have two e-mails that went out that were being split tested. In about 1 week, I’ll be able to look at the results to see what the winning e-mail is.

On my next go around with this e-mail campaign, I’ll have a winning e-mail and a winning site (a winning combination) which will bring my conversions even higher. NICE!

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