Okay, so I wrote a nice article about how to lose a customer, so let’s talk about how to keep a customer.

As many of you know, I’m pregnant…very pregnant in fact. At 34 weeks, running common errands is a bit of drag, especially in the Arizona heat.

But it’s not a drag at some places. Tired of my endless Bank of America saga, I decided to “test out” Wells Fargo before going through the entire process of switching my bank accounts. I have several businesses, so it’s quite an endeavor to do so.

Here’s been my experience:

1. They made it a point to know my name upon my first visit.
2. The banker helped me set up the accounts quickly and thoroughly covered all the options to ensure I wouldn’t get any fees.
3. He finished up all the paperwork without me there so all I had to do was stop in the next day with John, sign a few documents and we were set.
4. When I had a large transaction to make, all I had to do was call my banker and he quickly transferred the funds I needed without any hassle or fees.

This brings me to the best part. Every time I walk in the bank, they call me by name, ask about the baby and do everything to make me comfortable. Today, I walked in and they offered me a seat. The bank teller handled everything for me while I sat and enjoyed a fresh glass of lemonade. Last Friday when I was in there, it was “customer appreciation” day and they gave me some ice cream while handling everything.

Plus, there’s no fees. Last time I walked into Bank of America to make a deposit, they wanted me to walk back out and use the ATM…that was the deciding factor for me. They wanted to eliminate the customer service, all while charging me tons of fees for everything. So, I took all my accounts and all my cash over to Wells Fargo where they know how to treat a customer.

Excellent customer service is the key to keeping your customers. Remember, people like to be appreciated for their business and the more you appreciate them, the more they’ll keep coming back.

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Shannon Lavenia

A former Biology teacher, Shannon started in home business in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of her field. Her and her husband, John Lavenia, grabbed the #1 spot in their company for 7 years, achieving million-dollar results. Shannon is recognized as an industry leader and trainer, specializing in helping new home business entrepreneurs expand their business and achieve their goals. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, daughter and dog Lucy.
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