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Who doesn't love a really elavil 25mg pills $147.00 great inspiration message typed onto a really cool pic like this one? You know when these pop up on your Instagram or Facebook Timeline, you like to "LIKE" and "Share". Well. . . that boils down to some wickedly cool viral marketing that can drive traffic right to your site!. One of the most common [elavil 25mg pills $147.00] "rookie" mistakes I see newbie marketers make is sharing other people's info-graphics with other people's websites. Although you are just trying to inspire your friends with a really cool, uplifting message, what you are actually doing is driving traffic right to your competition's website. Wouldn't you LOVE to drive that traffic to your website? And, wouldn't you LOVE to have other people sharing your pics and driving traffic to your website. . . For FREE???? Of course you would! Here's what I do that brings in lots of free viral traffic, cool new friends, new like-minded leads and even sales. Step 1: When you see a really cool quote you can just copy that one. Or, you can find a cool quote just by searching Google for "success quotes", "motivational quotes", etc. Just get a quote that is in alignment with your overall mission and is cool and uplifting. Step 2: Hop on over to and sign up for a Free or a Royale Account. I recommend the because it's only $33. 00 a year and it gives you all the cool fonts, backgrounds and super cool editing tools. Step 3: Start creating some cool info-graphics that. . . and this is REALLY IMPORTANT. . . include your website URL. You want your website URL to be on the pic but not overly visible or "stand-out-ish". You don't want it to look like an advertisement or a promotion. . . that way more people will be willing to share it! Results. . . what does it look like? Here's a recent post of mine on my Facebook Page: It got 47 Likes, 8 comments and 4 shares. Pretty cool right? And that's just so far. . . That's called engagement. With 47 likes, that means people are wanting to see the content that I'm putting out.

How Facebook Delivers Your Posts to the News Feed

Facebook will deliver to your News Feed items of "similar content" to what you have "Liked", Shared or Commented on. Elavil 25mg pills $147.00 so, if you like or share a lot of paid advertisements, it will deliver more to your news feed. If you like a lot of animal posts, you'll get more of the same. Consider that lots and lots of people Like, Share and Comment on motivational, inspirational or controversial image posts. That's right. . . IMAGE and VIDEO are the hottest marketing tools right now. If you're not doing both, you are missing out. Images get substantially more shares, likes and comments than just plain text status updates. So, create images that would garner likes and shares from your target audience or ideal market. Personally, I'm in and Weight Loss so those two markets are very valuable to me. People in MLM love to get free tips to help grow their business. They also are plugged into self-development elavil 25mg pills $147.00, so sharing that helps the viewer (value added marketing) and also promotes my business. With , I share images of food, recipes, and motivational quotes and pics. Here's an example: This is an image I made with to promote a webinar I was doing and a weight loss program. We have over 40 women in this Group! All from word-of-mouth and social media marketing. Pretty cool, right? Here's another pic I made with to recognize a new emerging leader on my team. This was shared by other team members and helped to attract some interest in our business and team. Who doesn't love some recognition??? And, this helps your team members as well! In summary, use images effectively in your business. Use inspiring info-graphics to promote your business by including your URL. Be sure you have a unique URL. . . not one that has an extension like /myusername. You can pick one up at really inexpensively and it will be your unique branding. If you loved this lesson, leave me a comment below and share it!  

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