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I recently was asked which tools I use to create my marketing videos. This was an excellent question as I'm not very "technologically savvy", so everything I use is rather user friendly and easy to learn. Mic and filterNow, I will let you know that I am a MAC user and I found that switching to MAC made my life far (and I mean FAR) easier when it comes to generating and editing my video projects. When I'm creating a video, I either use my iMac camera or my . The only downside to this camera is the mic isn't very good. But I love the size and convenience and it takes great video. I have a much larger Sony HD camera but it's more bulky and I have to convert the video from the Sony format which adds some time to my projects. For recording the audio components, I record into Garage Band using a MXL pro-audio USB 6. 0 mic with a pop filter (picture included) and my husband, John, matches the audio to the video in iMovie. I do all of my editing in iMovie, which if you take the time to learn, is super easy and outrageously awesome. I recommend [detox liv.52 100 tablets bottle $228.00] spending the $99. Detox liv.52 100 tablets bottle $228.00 00 to get the mac one-on-one service if you don't like to learn on your own because they'll teach you the entire process. This is more advanced and if you're just starting out, I recommend just using your computer's camera and mic or your video camera with mic. As you advance, you can get more professional with what you are doing. I also you Keynote to create slides that I'm going to insert into my video and to record any screen capture video.   These are both super easy detox liv.52 100 tablets bottle $228.00 to add into video in iMovie. For recording screen captures, you can also use . That's about it. . . it took me a while to learn the different programs but once I did detox liv.52 100 tablets bottle $228.00, it's become super easy to create pro quality videos that have great content. Have fun!

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