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So, I’m totally killing it with the DotComSecretsX Coaching Program. What Russell Brunson put together is a BEAST…it has literally shown me how to get 100X the results I was getting and I was already pretty damn good at lead generation.

Here’s the link to DCSX if you want to get started. You can actually get a full month for only $1.00 and all I’ve done so far is all that he taught me in the $1.00 course (crazy…huh?). Obviously that’s my affiliate link so if you continue, I’ll get paid (Thanks in advance!). If you get offended because it’s my affiliate link and you’ve got a problem with me making money…clean that type of thinking up because it’s blocking your own prosperity.

If you’re already in DCSX and want to know what I’m doing that’s working, here’s a list of some of the free resources I’m using to send e-mails and also some of the paid stuff.


Viral In-Box – this service is AWESOME. It literally solved me “tons of e-mails” problems. Every Network Marketer or Internet Marketer has to have this! You can send up to 2,000 emails a day for free and can earn credits for me.

List Joe – you can mail for free or buy credits for cheap. I’ve gotten a decent amount of clicks from this.

ViralURL – You can mail 3,000 randomly selected members

AdLandPro – this is a cool site, you can create free classifieds and e-mail members directly to their e-mail inbox.

List Auction – You can send 500 emails every 7 days on the free account.

TripleYourList – This is kind of cool -I’ve gotten 9 leads for free from them that have been pretty responsive. The paid service has a lot more features.

PAID Services

GotSafeList.com – this is free to join but the solo ads are PAID SOLOS. They are super cheap though at only 62.00 for 1200 clicks.


STRATEGY: When I looked into PAID SOLOS I found a lot of them would not promote the DCSX program because they had already mailed their list about it several times. So, I found a new strategy. I hooked up Anthony Morrisons new offer, which was in Clickbank (but no longer is…it’s now in ClickSure), I created a quick opt-in page (http://www.boldstatementmarketing.com/anthony) using OptimizePress and picked a vendor that was cheap from the first soload resource below. I used Kenneth Krackstaad and it worked awesome. $60.00 gave me $60.00 leads.

I then promoted both Anthony’s program to that list. But, I took the “proof” of the 60 opt-ins (screen shot and quick video) and sent that out to the remainder of my existing and new list. From that I got: 15 new opt-ins to the DCSX program (about $300 a month residual if they all stick) and $401.26. In total from using DCSX, I’ve gotten about 200 new opt-ins to my list, $401.26 in cash and another $300 a month residual potential. Not bad for a $61.00 investment  and time learning how to totally kick my list building into HIGH GEAR!

Solo Ad Resource 1

Solo Ad Resource 2

Solo Ad Resource 3



Screenshot from Clickbank May 20, 2012

YouTube Videos

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