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While Google is still the "go to" marketplace for pay-per-click advertising, most people are missing out on an awesome resource for generating great quality leads: ! I recently started a marketing campaign on Bing, [coversyl 8mg pills $142.00] which is Microsoft's Search Engine. Coversyl 8mg pills $142.00 and, while i have no real affinity for microsoft coversyl 8mg pills $142.00, i love the marketing opportunity they have created. Millions of browses are done daily using Bing as the search engine of choice and with the relative "newness" of the engine, the cost for advertising is still incredibly reasonable. Plus, there's far less competition for top keywords than there currently is on Google or Yahoo Search. The other benefit of using Bing, is it's highly effective with short "ugly" landing pages that convert. While Google requires quite a bit of content for good ranking and optimization, with Bing you can use short form websites to capture more leads. So, if you're coversyl 8mg pills $142.00 looking to do some great pay-per-click marketing, add to your marketing plan.

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