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Now, for a truly profound post :) [caption id="attachment_37" align="alignright" width="222" caption="The Munchkie"]The Munchkie[/caption] Some of theĀ  greatest lessons I've learned about being an entrepreneur have come from. . . . I know you are thinking someone great like calan 40mg pills $149.00 Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki, right? I've learned awesome lessons from Trump and Kiyosaki, but some of the greatest have actually come from my dog: "The Munchkie". Now, before you think I've truly fallen off my rocker, let me explain. Munchkie is a pug/chihuahua mix (or so we think), about 12 pounds and lives with a fierce intensity. Yet, he has a mushy side as well and love to curl up with me. I walked into the local shelter one day as he was just about to be put to sleep, terribly sick with kennel cough. So, I brought him home and over the next two months helped him heal. . . there were some moments we were sure he wasn't going to make it, but he pulled through like a champ, defying the odds each time. He's a winner who defies the odds. Munchkie knows who he is. Although he's small, he thinks he's a pitbull. We made the mistake of taking him to the dog park with our other two dogs, Lucy and Pharaoh, and within minutes he was on the back of a Chow Chow that was 5X his size. It took all my strength to pull him off with a big mouthful of that chows black hair. Next, he was chasing a Boxer who ran head first into the gate, frightened by this little tornado of ferociousness that the Boxer easily could have chomped. We put Munchkie in the "penalty box" where he promptly took to using his hind legs to kick dirt out onto the other passing dogs. Then he lifted his leg and peed on one of them who stopped too close to the box. Calan 40mg pills $149.00 he's never intimidated. . . his size doesn't matter, it's all in his heart. When he wants something, he gets it. Take dinner time. When John and I sit down for dinner, he'll sit there staring at us for an hour. He doesn't leave his post, he just stares. He might put his paws on our leg to remind us [calan 40mg pills $149.00] he's begging, but he never wavers in his intensity. If he sees that our greyhound (who's 85 pounds) isn't chewing on his rawhide, he'll walk right up to him and take it. He always gets what he wants. He persists without distraction or exception. And, what's his is his. When the Munchkie has a toy, you better be ready to lose a finger if you think you're getting it away from him. If he wants you to have it, he'll give it to you, but if you try to get it before then. . . OUCH!

He'll fight for what is his. When new people come to the house, he'll give them a sniff or two before deciding if they are worth his time or his trust. When folks come over who are overly eager to chase him around or to love on him calan 40mg pills $149.00, he'll avoid them. . . he likes folks who don't need his attention, but who he can give it to freely. And, he can sense when something his off. He takes time to know people through their actions before trusting them. Simply watching the persistence and intensity with which he lives has inspired me to apply this same level of tenacity to my business and it's paid off well. I'm sure he's enjoying all the luxuries of living in our home with the abundance of Greenies and Dingo Bones.

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