Imagine that it’s a cold day. You’re heater’s out so you decide to go old-school. You head outside and make a nice big bonfire. You don’t have enough wood so you head inside, find all the available cash you have and then go back outside and dump it on the fire. The flames get big for about a nano-second and the fire is still starting to fade out…

Sounds ridiculous, right?

It’s exactly the same thing if you are paying to much for leads…it’s like putting your cash on a bonfire. Personally, I like to do other things with my money, like travel, go snowboarding, go out to dinner, invest, etc. I’m sure you do too.

But, you have a business to run and having good quality, high-converting leads is essential to your bottom line. That doesn’t mean you have to pay too much for them. It actually doesn’t mean you have to pay anything for them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking….“free leads! Must be crap”.

I hear you on that one! But, just like you don’t go making bonfires for heat anymore, there’s technology that lets you push a button and your home gets nice and toasty, you don’t have to go old school and spend a ton of money on leads.

All the “gurus” know this. They aren’t spending thousands to build their lists and you don’t have to either.

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to be sharing with you the inside scoop on how you can get the highest quality leads for your business absolutely free. What makes them such high quality???? They are already buyers!

Stay tuned!

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Shannon Lavenia

A former Biology teacher, Shannon started in home business in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of her field. Her and her husband, John Lavenia, grabbed the #1 spot in their company for 7 years, achieving million-dollar results. Shannon is recognized as an industry leader and trainer, specializing in helping new home business entrepreneurs expand their business and achieve their goals. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, daughter and dog Lucy.
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