Shannon Lavenia ventured into home business and online marketing in 2002 after an 8 year career as a high school Biology teacher. Frustrated with the long hours, low pay and politics of the education system, she was enticed by the promise of leveraged income and the freedom of entrepreneurship.

With a “get-up and do it” attitude, Shannon, along side her husband John Lavenia,  quickly rose to the top of her company achieving Top Income Earner status within her first 7 months. She credits John entrepreneurial spirit with inspiring her to use her natural talents to excel in the online marketing industry.

She has spoken internationally to audiences of 2,000+ on the simple steps to take to build a 7-figure enterprise. She is motivated by her desire to help others break free of their self-imposed limitations and experience the joy, freedom and prosperity that the home-based industry provides. Her belief is that anyone with motivation, drive and a willingness to learn and “stick-to-it” can profit wildly with their own business.

Shannon works in partnership with her husband John Lavenia and is the mother of 1 daughter, Trinity Rose.

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