Hands down, blind marketing is far more effective for generating leads.

What do I mean by “blind” marketing? It means marketing a landing page with no mention of your company or product with the simple purpose of capturing your traffic’s e-mail information before giving them the goods. This is essential for good list building.

You see, once you mention your company, the viewer then has the opportunity to go “research”. They can easily type in the company name and end up on some other associate’s website or the company site and you’ve lost them forever. That’s a HUGE waste of marketing dollars because you’re paying for that traffic.

It’s the same reason you should NEVER…and I MEAN NEVER…put links on your squeeze/landing page that pop someone off your page before they fill out the form.

But, if you keep your landing page short, to the point and capture their information prior to giving them any details, then you’re building your list, keeping that prospect yours (and then you can give them all the details and do proper follow-up.

This also helps to keep the Brand Name clean. In my last business venture, I would enroll folks who had a horrible experience with previous associates (too bossy, too pushy, etc.). Now, if I had marketed with the company name, the viewer may have just clicked off my page with an already assumed position based on their previous experience. But, because they didn’t associate me with any company or any particular person, we were able to have a good conversation, I could clean up any misunderstandings they had and sign them up.

If everyone was out marketing with their company’s brand name, God only knows what kind of image it could end up with. I mean, some folks just aren’t that smart when it comes to what they do and say. They could have the company name up next to the pictures of their drunken adventures in Vegas…not to pretty a site for a company!

So, keep it clean. Let the company advance the brand name and market with the intention to capture as many leads as possible.

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Shannon Lavenia

A former Biology teacher, Shannon started in home business in 2002 and quickly rose to the top of her field. Her and her husband, John Lavenia, grabbed the #1 spot in their company for 7 years, achieving million-dollar results. Shannon is recognized as an industry leader and trainer, specializing in helping new home business entrepreneurs expand their business and achieve their goals. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, daughter and dog Lucy.
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