Google Plus – What’s the deal?

Okay…so I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Swom, MyNetworkingPro, Facebook and now Google Plus?

My first thought was “holy crap…with all this social networking how will I get anything done??”.

My second thought was “hmmmm….how can I make money with this?”.

Now, I’m not a Google Plus pro or anything. At least not yet, but I have gotten on and checked it out.

There’s a couple of things that I love about it. I love that you can choose the circle you stick someone in. This is actually brilliant for marketing because you can target your messages to certain circles. Any home business entrepreneur is sure to appreciate this as you will no longer have to subject your grandparents or the contacts you know are already a part of your opportunity to your posts about your biz opp. This does take some planning though so before you set up your circles, break out a pen and paper and write down a basic marketing plan of how you will be using Google Plus. This will help you plan your circles appropriately.

Second, I love that you can actually do web chatting with your computer camera through Google Plus. I haven’t used this feature yet but it looks amazing.

I like the +1′s that show the things online that you endorse…this helps give sites better rankings in Google which could also help eliminate much of the B.S. sites that did black-hat SEO strategies to boost their rankings. The +1 could be a significant game changer in the world of SEO…but we’ll see, it’s always changing!

One downside? The learning curve. It’s different and takes some getting used to. Also, there’s no way to e-mail or private message a contact through Google Plus that I’ve found. You can’t write on their “wall” either so it’s difficult to actually connect with someone other than writing a comment on their post. Not very “social” if you ask me.

There isn’t a way to advertise on the Google Plus network yet but I’m sure that’s soon to follow. After all they’d have to do it to compete with Facebook.

Compared to Facebook? My ruling isn’t complete. I’m so accustomed to Facebook I’d really have to see. One thing Google Plus could do is make it easier to advertise. Facebook Ads are ridiculously arbitrary. One day it’s approved the next it isn’t.

What strategies are you using to profit from Google Plus? What’s your opinion of it?



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