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No matter who I talk to, it seems as though everyone is looking for the holy grail when it comes to generating good, quality, converting mlm leads. Most new marketers are directed to reach out to their friends and family first. That really is a great strategy because your friends and family are the people who value your opinion the most. They are also the most likely to sit through your presentation while you’re still learning and your presentation skills might not be the greatest.

Your friends and family will either be the easiest or the hardest to present to…it just depends on what your inner circle is like. But, million dollar down-lines are not developed solely from your friends and family. You might also be a member of the N.F.L (No Friends Left) if this is your 2nd, 3rd or 10th venture. It’s important to know where you can get good quality MLM leads to grow your business.

The first thing I’ll tell you is most lead vendors sell junk. Basically, you get what you pay for. If you’re paying .50 cents or 1.00 a lead or someone is selling you 10,000 leads for $30.00 you can absolutely count on them being junk. You may want to call them to see if you can squeeze a sale out there somehow or just to develop your “Rhino Skin” (as Scott Alexander calls it). The more calls you make the better you will get…or the more frustrated depending on your personality.

There are some okay lead vendors that sell good quality leads, however, they will not be as good as your own self-generated lead. Why? Because the lead vendor needs to generate tens of thousands of leads to sell. The higher the quantity the lower the quality…that’s just how it is.

When you generate your own leads, you’re putting yourself in a place where there may not be much competition and the person is responding direct to your ad, website or 800 number. They are hearing your voice, reading your story and/or watching your video. The prospect is choosing to respond specifically to your marketing because they feel a connection to something you’ve said. That’s called a “hook”.

It’s that hook that separates you from all the other advertising and makes you unique. It makes the lead you generate far better than any MLM leads you could purchase. While it may take time to learn how to generate leads and to generate your own leads, you’re better off learning than becoming dependent on purchased leads which can make you lazy. After all, it’s super easy to just allow a flow of leads come into your in-box than to do your own marketing.

If you’re just starting out, reach out to your friends and family first. Lean heavily on your up-line advisors to help you talk to them and present to them. Purchase some leads to get started with while you are establishing your own marketing. Start marketing with bandit signs, flyers and newspaper ads…these are super easy and very effective. Branch out online if you want to and grow from there.

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