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Anyone who’s done any type of online marketing knows what a pain in the ass getting the right formula for page conversions can be. First, you have to come up with the copy. Then there’s the design. Then it’s split testing using a variety of ads and finally, after weeks you can identify the perfect formula.

Well, what if the cost, time and pain of doing all that was cut drastically by about 80%?

You’d be in love. Just as I am.

I was recently turned onto a freakin’ awesome wordpress theme that is astounding for the price. Seriously, I can’t even believe I got it for the price I got it for…it’s ridiculously underpriced.

OptimizePress made is so easy for me to make webpages using the exact formula, layouts, etc that the top guys (Kern, Deiss, Budd….) are all using. They’ve literally done all the testing and handed over the exact layouts that work.

With this theme, I can ad headlines, videos, arrows, bullets, opt-ins with the cool buttons circled with blue ink….everything I was paying my programmers and designers hundreds (even thousands…yak!) to do is all done. It takes like 30 seconds to make a site…seriously, 30 seconds.

Check out these pages we created that are converting like wildfire!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

To say my life has gotten so much easier would be a ridiculous understatement. It’s like night and day. This is the ultimate MUST HAVE for anyone who’s generating leads, doing sales on-line, needs a launch funnel (oh yes! you can do a launch funnel super easy and add paypal like you’re some kind of internet whiz…it’s the click of a button!).

Here’s the link. Don’t even hesitate, get it. It’s that important to you and your marketing and I don’t know how long they’ll keep the price this low.

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