What is ROI and Why Is It Important with Your Lead Generation?

You may have seen the abbreviation “ROI” and wondered what is it? ROI means Return On Investment or the amount of profit that is generated from the money that you invest in your advertising campaigns. Unless you want to waste your hard earned cash, ROI is the bottom line number for you to look at.

The fact is that the network marketing and internet marketing industries are very lucrative, when you know what you are doing. Everyone has to start at the beginning and the faster you learn how to use the advanced pro-marketer tools and master your marketing efforts, the quicker you’ll begin to see the ongoing streams of income that you’re looking for.

So, monitoring your marketing efforts is critical to ensuring that you are getting the maximum ROI as well as spending the least per lead (Cost-Per-Lead). This involves knowing the basics of marketing, what to monitor, what to look for and what tools to use.

Many marketers use Google Analytics to monitor their sites and this is a great tool, however, I prefer to have much more detailed reports. Specifically, I want to know exactly where my clicks are coming from, what countries they are coming from, the costs incurred and the conversion rates to leads and sales.

For more advanced analytics and to have fanatical control of your campaigns, I recommend W3ROI.com. Their tools are excellent, easy to use and provide great stats on everything you need to know. Plus, you can monitor your actual campaigns – banners, Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, Bing, etc. Click Here to Checkotu W3ROI.com

And, if you really want to ensure you’ve got a grasp of the basics, get the Get Your Own Leads Marketing Basics to Pro Course. This 141 page manual with CD gives you everything on how to track your results and how to understand the marketing and advertising terms necessary to truly master marketing online. Click Here to Order Now.

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