Planning Your Lead Generation Campaigns

There’s a couple of approaches that one can take when engaging in lead generation.

The first is the “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” method. This is the person who just frantically starts placing ads all over the place without much planning or research. While they may hit it big with an ad or two, ultimately they usually forget where they’ve placed their ads and have no idea how to track what is working and what isn’t.

Then there’s the “anal planner” who gets frozen in paralysis by over-analysis. They research and research but never actually get the ads placed. Usually, this person is stumped in confusion.

Then there’s the planner – action person. This is the best method. Do your research, plan your lead generation campaigns and then evaluate your results to see what’s happening with your sites. Then, modify your campaigns so you are eliminating what’s not working and strengthening what is working.

I happen to be the planner-action person. Sometimes I can get a little stuck in over-analysis (because I like to maximize my campaigns). I just discovered a wickedly cool tool for planning and research called Mind Meister. I love flow charts and brainstorming tools and just love this one. Check it out: I will warn you though, it’s so much fun you might get trapped, so give yourself some time to check it out and then leave it.

The way I use it is to map out my campaigns with the budgets and then the results. Then I can look at one diagram that gives me a complete overview of what’s going on. It’s pretty cool!

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