Banner Advertising – A Great Lead Generation Tool

Looking for an inexpensive, effective medium for marketing your business? Banner advertising could be the way to go.

Banner advertising gives you the ability to identify special niche sites to market on and can effectively eliminate any competition you may be going up against. For example…if your marketing on Google Adwords using the keyword “home based business”, you’re competing against thousands of individuals also using that keyword. Plus, the person doing the search is inundated with different business opportunities and can often find themselves running around in circles, totally confused about what business is going to be best for them.

But, if you have a banner placed on a targeted site that matches the demographics of your ideal prospect (sign up for the Mini-Marketing Course by filling out the form on the right for a video tutorial on Identifying Your Ideal Prospect), then you’ve got a fresh audience without all the competition. Your banner and opportunity stands out separate from the pack and you reach a unique market.

So, where can you get a great banner made? There’s a few cool resources.

The first is BannerSnack. With BannerSnack you can make some really cool looking banners to advertise your business. Here’s an example of one I just created:

Pretty cool, huh? And, it only took like 5 minutes to make…it was super easy and simple.

The second resource is Elance. You can hire someone on Elance for about $15.00 to create a really cool banner that is totally customized to match your site and your opportunity.

Hire a World of Talent at Elance

So, where do you advertise?

Great question! There’s a number of awesome places you can find sites to advertise.

1. Technorati: You can find lots of blogs that are available to advertise on. Do the research to find blogs that meet your demographic requirements and then contact the blog owner to get your banner ad placed.

2. Adbrite: This is an awesome site you can use to place your banners for advertising on multiple sites.

3. Another clearinghouse of blogs that you can place your banner on.

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