What Goal Setting Has to Do With Lead Generation

I had a great conversation with a fellow marketing who was struggling with lead generation for his home-based business. He was giving me a ring for some advice on his campaigns and was a bit startled when I asked him what goals he had set for the next 90 days.

“What’s that have go to do with my lead campaigns”, he asked.

“Everything” was my reply.

You see, by defining your goals and having focus on what you are passionate about achieving, you give yourself a level of intention that can literally move mountains. Think about it. Have you ever had the experience where you decided you were going to do or have something and miraculously everything fell into place for it to happen? That’s the power of intention and goal setting. Your thoughts begin to align with creative ideas that move you forward, ultimately manifesting that which you desire.

We spoke for a while and I explained that the foundation of all business is knowing what your destination is. Without a goal, we can end up like a ship in a storm, being tossed from here to there and frantically trying to keep our heads above water. But, with a goal and a destination we are excited, motivated and passionate about achieving, we have enthusiasm, creation and motivation.

We talked about what he wanted and it was “a lot of money”. Not too specific. It’s important to remember that what you ask for you’ll receive so “a lot of money” could amount to $100.00 given the momentary perspective and mindset. As we got further into the conversation, he focused it to $20,000 per month. We then talked about what the money was for and ultimately it was for a family vacation to Hawaii and to have his mortgage paid for the next year. The feelings of that were comfort and security and and confidence in what he was able to accomplish.

So, I had him write it out on a goal card using the SMART formula for goal setting. We then focused on what it would take, given his business model, to achieve that. We identified the number of sales he would have to make and extrapolated from that the ideal lead flow. Further, we talked about who was his ideal prospect…who was looking for his product and why they would want it.

During the conversation, he realized that he had been focusing entirely on the wrong market and using keywords that were too “generic”. So, we did some keyword research and he went to work dialing in the language on his website to speak to the his ideal prospect. All the while he was totally excited about his goal and how his campaign structure was going to help him achieve it.

As we ended the conversation, my friend shared with me that for the first time, he was feeling truly confident in the direction of his business and his campaigns…that he knew his destination and the path was becoming crystal clear on how to get there.

A week later he called to let me know the leads were flowing in like crazy, as were the sales and that he and his wife had just picked the location and dates for their vacation. Instead of focusing on frustration he was now focused clearly on what he was achieving…that is momentum.

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