Google Adwords SUCKS! (seriously…)

Within the industry, there has been a tremendous buzz over the last year about how crappy Google has been towards their most valued customers. I’ve been using their services since 2003 and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing money with them.

How do they appreciate it?

Well, each year they would send me a little Google Christmas Present. That was cool. But today’s reward was extra special.

I sent them an e-mail requesting some assistance, and in return, they sent me an e-mail telling me I was forever banned from advertising with them. Now, considering I’m 36 and have a good 10-20 years of marketing in me before I fully retire, that’s probably a couple of million dollars in revenue they are tossing out and a valued customer who has promoted them to thousands of folks.

Seriously. Sounds like an awesome business model doesn’t it?

The e-mail was rather amusing and went on about how they are looking to create a better experience for their users. Well, what about their pay-per-click and search content customers? What about all the folks who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with them and have a history of being greatcustomers?

The reason? My landing page wasn’t of good enough “quality”. Good luck finding out exactly what google wants and deems “good quality”.

Rather than ban me from pay-per-click and search marketing…someone who has taught thousands of folks how to establish Google accounts and has brought much prosperity to the company, they could have sent me a “warning” letter giving me the details of how I could improve my site to meet their ever changing (and I mean ALWAYS changing) criteria of what makes a good landing page.

And…with the trends occurring in optimized landing pages, what google wants just simple doesn’t work as well as short-form, ugly capture pages. So, you could spend more and capture less with Google or move on.

What made this even funnier was that Mike Dillard sent me a totally hilarious e-mail about the infamous “Google Slap” about an hour before Google e-mailed me to tell me I was not on their McCarthy like blacklist…so much for operating in the land of the “free”. Google should be ashamed.

But, here the great news. The last few months I’ve been experimenting the Microsoft Adcenter…the platform for advertising on Bing and I’ve had some kick-ass results. Leads for less than $1.00 that are converting like wildfire. I got the idea after going through Frank Kern’s List Control program (which was totally awesome…thanks Frank :) .

So…if you want to deal with Bureaucracy, B.S. and a complete lack of any type of customer appreciate, then go for Google Adwords. If you want a free-flowing, awesome pay-per-click experience with great customer appreciation, an actual phone number you can call for help and awesome conversions, go with Bing or Yahoo Search!

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