Adding Banner Ads or Affiliate Programs to Your Marketing Page

I get a lot of questions about adding affiliate links and banner ads to a landing page. Here’s my advice:


Now, I get the concept of “monetizing” your website, but you have to remember what the purpose of your site is and why you are driving traffic to it. Is it to make a few cents on a banner click or a google adsense ad…maybe to make $40 bucks from a Clickbank affiliate ad, or is it to build your network marketing business so you can generate recurring, residual income and benefit from leverage?

I have different websites for different purposes. My blog: is designed for positive Public Relations and to provide great content for members. On that site, I have added banner ads and affiliate links because it’s aligned with the purpose of the site. It’s not the primary site I advertise with.

If you look at my landing pages: or you’ll see these are clean sites…there’s only one purpose: to capture a lead.

If your page is for lead generation, that page has one purpose and one purpose only: to have the person fill out the opt-in form, thus becoming a lead.

If you put affiliate links or links to other resources, then you are giving the person the opportunity to click off your site without filling out the opt-in form, thus diminishing the purpose of your traffic.

I use to see people posting links to “The Secret” on their landing pages because they were marketing a personal development product. The only result of that was providing free traffic to The Secret’s website and wasting valuable marketing dollars. Plus, it had no relevance at all to the person landing on the page.

So, if you want to add banners or affiliate links, feel free to do so on your thank you page. Once you’ve captured the person’s information and generated a lead, now you can feel free to send them elsewhere.

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