Why Purchased Leads Are NOT The Way to Go

So, here’s the deal. I’ve got a huge e-mail marketing list. And, if I wanted to make a quick buck with hardly any effort, I could send out a couple of e-mail blasts promoting some lead vendors who are offering “great deals”. There’s big profit in selling leads.

Which brings me to the problem.

Lead vendors are in business to sell you leads for their profit, not for yours.5875852

Get it?

Yes, it takes time to learn how to advertise and market effectively. That is time well spent as knowing how to market is the greatest skill you can have…it gives you the ability to sell anything, be totally self-reliant and thrive in any economy.

But, if you decide not to learn and would rather simply plug in your digits to some lead vendors site, hoping they actually deliver what they promise, then that’s your choice. But, there isn’t a top earner on the planet relying on purchased leads to make profits in their business. The quality of most purchase leads is mediocre at best and would equate to calling folks out of the white pages. The leads have responded to blind ads, don’t know who’s going to call them and may have been incentivized to provide their information. You’ll end up calling more folks than you need to to make less sales than you could with a great quality, self-generated lead source.

Hence, the name of this blog: Get Your Own Leads. If you truly want to maximize your profits while minimizing your time commitment, the key is to learn how to generate excellent quality leads for less. Even if you decide to hire your marketing out, you should still have the knowledge so you know if you’re getting a great product from the folks you hire, or if they are doing a mediocre job.

Knowledge of marketing and advertising will make you powerful and capable in your business. Applying this knowledge will make you profitable.

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